At Haywire Custom Shop we get some great questions from players. Here is one of those questions……….

How many different kinds of guitars do you sell? What’s your personal favorite guitar?

Hi Tusher,
Thanks for dropping by. Each custom guitar is different but my favorite guitar is the Nashville Player #1.   We base our guitars shape, size, sound, feel and looks on the requirements of the player buying it. So the guitars that leave the Haywire Custom Shop go to specific players. There are as many guitars to build as there are players. It’s endless. We have a basic but changing catalog of about 25 guitars or so that we customize and set up for a particular player by request.
Unlike most “guitar companies” who have a list of 10 or 20 guitars that they build on a regular basis, we don’t assume that players will fit our categories. Opposite, we build what players need and not what we “say” they should have.  Therefore we put together a truly custom favorite guitar in every sense. It’s not a “one size fits all” guitar world.

We are musicians working for musicians, therefore we have been where they’re going as players….

Because we understand that, we work for the customer. We “help guitar players buy” what they need and not what “we need to sell”. Most companies try and “sell them what they have”. We are musicians working for musicians, therefore we have been where they’re going as players and understand their needs completely. Part of our responsibility to guitar players is to be extraordinarily good listeners rather than “good salesman”.
If we listen and respond to the needs of guitar players then they will be much happier and feel more comfortable.  We want them to flourish with the guitar they told us they wanted.  If guitarists feel good about their guitar then there will be less roadblocks to their success as musicians. Only then will ours become their favorite guitar.